How to decide from at home care or nursing home

Austine Smith November 21, 2019

Reviewing ways to care for your parents

The decision of moving parents into a nursing home care is truly a traumatic one for many families. For some families, this consideration comes after a sudden medical emergency where taking care of the elderly parents at home seems to be almost impossible. Similarly, caring for parents with degenerative or chronic dis . . .

Effective ways to Alzheimer’s disease care

Austine Smith November 14, 2019

Top tips to Alzheimer’s disease care

Alzheimer’s disease is a form of dementia that attacks the portion of the brain that deals with language and thoughts. Today almost everyone is aware of major symptoms of this disease, like confusion and memory loss. However, it’s a lesser-known fact that what are the triggering factors of Alzheimer’s disease. Ac . . .

How to deal with elderly worries

Austine Smith November 7, 2019

Comprehending old people worries

In this world, everyone is scared of death, the extent may vary though. The fear of death isn’t a pleasant one and people usually try to avoid morbid musings, focusing on other aspects of life. However, death anxiety is one of the most common elderly worries. Reasons that trigger old people worries may vary a lot – from . . .

The importance of understanding the elderly

Austine Smith October 31, 2019

Reviewing why you should provide care for elderly

Caring for elderly parents is often an uphill task for their children, especially when they live in faraway lands or are busy handling their own personal and professional lives. Yet, these shouldn’t be used as excuses in evading one’s responsibility toward his/her parents. However, to provide care for el . . .

What having a fulfilling life means

Austine Smith October 24, 2019

Reviewing how helping others is the secret to having a happy life

According to a Chinese saying, a nap can make a person happy for an hour, going fishing for a day, inheriting a fortune for a year but helping others can bring him/her a lifetime of happiness. The others one decides or chooses to help could be anyone – his/her parents, friends, neighbors, c . . .

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