God’s plans always supersede your own

Austine Smith October 17, 2019

Why God's plans are better than ours?

God’s plans may not always make sense. One can’t even say for sure that they would make his/her life more comfortable and easier always. Yet, God’s plans are perfect. They may compel one to travel a path that’s harder to follow but putting trust in His plans would ensure the person reaches where God intends him/ . . .

Poor countries ambulance will shock you

Austine Smith October 10, 2019

Reviewing why ambulances in poor countries aren’t fit to meet medical emergencies


The healthcare system in poor countries has a long way to go before it catches up with those of the developed or even the developing nations. A quick glance at poor countries ambulances lays bare the facts for everyone to see. Often, these ambulances have nothing m . . .

Problems and blessing together create what we call life

Austine Smith October 4, 2019

Reviewing the importance of God's blessing

These days, the term “blessed” is often used at the drop of a hat. This flippant use has made its true meaning get lost somewhere. No wonder why people often associate the word with good health, comfort and enjoyment, and minimal problems. However, God's blessing isn’t just about these aspects that people oft . . .

Knowing God’s will

Austine Smith September 27, 2019

Reviewing why following God's will is important

Just as a train needs to run on its designated track to reach the destination, an individual needs to follow God's will to reach where s/he is destined to. Not following God's will and trying to steer one’s life based on one’s own knowledge instead may bring mayhem and severe hardships. Since God has creat . . .

Put your faith in God and he will provide

Austine Smith September 20, 2019

Reviewing why you should trust God

Humans usually have a hard time trusting other humans because they often either abandon or let down those who have put their trust in them. However, one should trust God without such worries because God never abandons or discriminates. And He always provides for those who have complete faith in God.  Given below are some . . .

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