GrandPaGaming – a 66-year-old ex-navy diver and cancer survivor

Austine Smith July 11, 2019

Reviewing what makes GrandPaGaming an awesome Twitch streamer

GrandPaGaming became famous earlier this year when a clip of his dominating prowess on the game called Apex Legends went viral. This 66-year-old grandfather went on a magnificent killing spree in the game and even trash-talked to demoralize his opponents. This awesome grandpa was in a tight spot . . .

How to be cool grandparents to Millennials?

Austine Smith July 4, 2019

Reviewing Grandparents Guide to Understanding Their Millennial Grandkids

Like all generations before them, the Millennials too have been shaped by global events. While Baby Boomers had the Vietnam War and the Cold War, the Millennials had 9/11 and war in Afghanistan, the latter being the longest war in American history. But more than these world events, rap . . .

The reasons behind grandparents treating grandchildren differently

Austine Smith June 27, 2019

Reviewing why grandmas act differently with their grandkids

Grandparents could be notorious for spoiling their grandkids but they usually have a much easier time showering love on their grandchildren than they ever did to their own children. Many may wonder about the reasons at play behind grandparents treating grandchildren differently. There are many, som . . .

Stories of grandparents raising grandchildren

Austine Smith June 20, 2019

Reviewing the reasons triggering the Grandparent Effect


As grandparents today are wealthier, healthier, and live much longer than they would have a few decades ago, the Grandparent Effect has become visible across the world. This refers to grandparents raising grandchildren. In the U.S., the proportion of children living with their grandparents ha . . .

Why grandparents want grandchildren to visit them often?

Austine Smith June 13, 2019

Reviewing the relationship between grandparents and grandchildren

In today’s fast-paced lives, grandparents and grandchildren often live far away from each other, which make it a tough task for the elderly to see the little ones as often as they might have liked to. Though many parents try to visit the extended family on weekends or during long holidays t . . .

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