Famous missionaries you need to know about

Austine Smith August 29, 2019

Prominent missionaries in history

Missionaries are an integral part of the Christian history and stories of famous missionaries have been inspiring generations to serve and share the word of God with the world. Missionaries aren’t born with outstanding talents or exceptional gifts always. They’re like simple people who let God guide their steps complete . . .

Kids wearing plastic bottle slippers – the true face of poverty

Austine Smith August 22, 2019

Water bottles as slippers – Reviewing the harsh reality of extreme poverty

Things like children wearing plastic bottle slippers may sound absurd in advanced countries but it’s the harsh reality in some poor and/or devastated countries. There the extremely poor live on the sidelines without support, watching prosperity and economic growth pass them by. T . . .

How is life as a missionary in Haiti

Austine Smith August 15, 2019

Comprehending life of a missionary in Haiti

There’re some people who want to become a missionary because they think that the life of a missionary is full of adventure. In addition, ideas like the prospect of living abroad, getting engaged with a different culture etc make them even more enthusiastic.

However, in reality, the life of missionaries may no . . .

Key adverse effects of poor posture

Austine Smith August 8, 2019

Top negative effects of bad posture

Posture plays a crucial role in preventing a diverse range of medical hazards. Unfortunately, almost everyone knows that poor posture is detrimental for health yet still practices it, especially when hunching over the computer or just by not standing up or sitting straight. Health conscious people often ask others to sit . . .

Churches’ role in recovery to development

Austine Smith August 1, 2019

Reviewing churches’ activities in aiding affected people

Jesus empowers those who serve affected people and show them the light of hope and it reflects exactly in churches’ activities whenever there’s a call for help. And this assistance can be observed always, from the earthquake that devastated Haiti in 2010 to the brush fire destroyed the homes of . . .

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