Churches’ role in recovery to development

Austine Smith August 1, 2019

Reviewing churches’ activities in aiding affected people

Churches’ role in recovery to development

Jesus empowers those who serve affected people and show them the light of hope and it reflects exactly in churches’ activities whenever there’s a call for help. And this assistance can be observed always, from the earthquake that devastated Haiti in 2010 to the brush fire destroyed the homes of a significant number of families and a massive area of land in Florida in 2018.

In the context of Haiti earthquake, religious communities including churches across the globe came to the forefront in their effort to recovery to development of the devastated area. Just for an example of churches’ role after the earthquake, a huge amount of resources were flown out by the Christian charity World Vision from its U.S. warehouse that comprised hygiene kits, meal, water, and tarps. Another example of churches’ role in this type of relief work can be observed in the activities of the American Jewish World Service that created its own Haiti Earthquake Relief Fund and funneled all the money it received to a significant number of local organizations with which it held contacts.

When it comes to recovery from the impacts of the Typhoon Haiyan that devastated islands in the Philippines in 2013, churches’ role came into prominence again. Priests in the affected areas were asked to reinforce their parish buildings and those were declared “safe areas” to cater to as evacuation centers. A huge emergency aid package was sent toward providing clean water, food, basic medicine, and shelter.

In short, if catastrophe can trigger the worst, it also brings the best in terms of humanity, and that truly reflects on the aiding activities of the churches.


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