Famous missionaries you need to know about

Austine Smith August 29, 2019

Prominent missionaries in history

Famous missionaries you need to know about

Missionaries are an integral part of the Christian history and stories of famous missionaries have been inspiring generations to serve and share the word of God with the world. Missionaries aren’t born with outstanding talents or exceptional gifts always. They’re like simple people who let God guide their steps completely to do great things. For those who don’t know much about famous missionaries in history or are feeling low on faith, here’re some of the prominent missionary personalities and their activities.

Mary Slessor

Born in 1848 in Aberdeen, Mary Slessor is one of the most famous female missionaries in history. She became a missionary to Nigeria and in August 1876 she sailed to West Africa when she was only 28. She was assigned to the Calabar region where the Efik people lived. The community had particular superstition of twins, who were abandoned or killed often. Hundreds of children were saved by Slessor during the time she spent in Nigeria. She set up a mission hospital and promoted women’s rights among many of her other activities.

Dr. David Livingstone

Born in 1813, David Livingstone worked in the cotton mills to support his family when he was a child. Despite the adversities, he went to medical school and become a doctor before going to Africa as a missionary. Promoter of the anti-slavery movement and one of the famous missionaries, Dr. Livingstone used his experience and influence to fight severe wrongs in the society. He was greatly respected by the tribal people with whom he had contact and loved by many.

Those who’re not aware of the modern missionary efforts can take inspirations from stories of well-known missionaries in history and take some time to get involved to learn in detail.



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