God's plan - God has ways of telling you about His plan

Austine Smith September 6, 2019

Comprehending what God has planned for you

God's plan - God has ways of telling you about His plan

God has a plan for every person even before s/he is born (Galatians 1:15).  The first step in following God’s plan is to believe that He has everything under His control and His sovereignty will guide one exactly where He wants him/her to go. Those who often wonder “how do I know God's plan for me?” should understand that discovering God’s specific plans for a person’s life is a natural result of an intimate relationship with Him. Thus, putting complete trust in God’s plan is important.

Developing the skill of listening to God

When praying, most people ask for too much and forget to listen to what God has to say. While praying, one should shut off all other distractions and meditate to calm the mind, which would let him/her listen to what God has to say. One should meditate on questions such as what’s the next step in one’s life, marriage, family, education, etc. Often, God starts flooding the person’s heart with information and ideas related to one or more of these questions. This would let one know what God's will is.

Paying attention to one’s skill sets

Looking at the skills a person has been blessed with indicates what God has planned for him/her. Thus, someone musically blessed may consider joining the church worship team while someone who loves talking could become a preacher. God has gifted every person some special skills that would help him/her perform a special task for which he/she alone was created. Thus, it can be said that God’s plan for an individual will always be directly related to the gifts He has bestowed upon him/her.


Call to action:

What other ways are there to know God’s plan for you? Share your thoughts with me in the comments section below. You can also connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads to keep the conversation going. Make sure to check out my books to have some interesting reads.



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