God’s plans always supersede your own

Austine Smith October 17, 2019

Why God's plans are better than ours?

God’s plans always supersede your own

God’s plans may not always make sense. One can’t even say for sure that they would make his/her life more comfortable and easier always. Yet, God’s plans are perfect. They may compel one to travel a path that’s harder to follow but putting trust in His plans would ensure the person reaches where God intends him/her to be. Some people often question – “Why God's plans are better than ours?” The answer lies in the religious scriptures.

Psalm 33:11 NIV tells that the LORD’s plans stand firm forever. Isaiah 55:9 NIV gives an answer to why God’s plans work by saying His ways and thoughts are higher just as heaven is higher than the earth. No wonder why learned men and religious scriptures encourage people to trust His plan to work always.

God's plans never fail. A reason could be because He can see the future clearly (Isaiah 46:9-10) that humans simply can’t. Humans can only make educated guesses or take their chances with their decisions but God knows it all, which makes His plans dependable. An individual may make plans but his/her steps are guided by God (Prov. 16:9) and it’s the LORD’s purpose that prevails (Prov. 19:21).  Perhaps that’s why it’s said His plans give a person’s life a specific direction and a higher purpose. No wonder why it’s said that His plans always prevail. So, it makes perfect sense to trust His navigation because it will surely get one to his/her destination where God wants him/her to reach.


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