GrandPaGaming - a 66-year-old ex-navy diver and cancer survivor

Austine Smith July 11, 2019

Reviewing what makes GrandPaGaming an awesome Twitch streamer

GrandPaGaming - a 66-year-old ex-navy diver and cancer survivor

GrandPaGaming became famous earlier this year when a clip of his dominating prowess on the game called Apex Legends went viral. This 66-year-old grandfather went on a magnificent killing spree in the game and even trash-talked to demoralize his opponents. This awesome grandpa was in a tight spot during the course of the game after his teammate went down, which meant he was at a disadvantageous two-versus-one position. However, GrandPaGaming took it in his stride and pulled out a few casual no-scope Triple Take in a row. Despite his subpar use of mouse and keyboard (as he has no feelings the shoulders down, in his right thumb and forefinger), and his disability due to an injury he sustained on the job, this old man did what not many of his peers would have even dreamt of. No wonder he acquired almost 150,000 followers, which made him become somewhat of a Twitch legend.

What’s his background?

This elderly gentleman had served in the Navy as a diver for 20 years and four months. He retired in 1992. Having married twice, he has a daughter and two lovely grandchildren. Anyone looking for a grandparent's guide to being marvelous and cool can take a leaf out of this man’s life. Apart from gaming, this cool grandpa loves cooking, collecting seashells, and astronomy. He’s also a 7-year prostate cancer survivor, though he’s suffering from side effects of the medicines that he needs to take at present and the radiation treatments he had to undergo earlier. With his positive attitude, this gamer grandpa is surely one of today’s iconic grandparents of Millennials.


Call to action:

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