How is life as a missionary in Haiti

Austine Smith August 15, 2019

Comprehending life of a missionary in Haiti

How is life as a missionary in Haiti

There’re some people who want to become a missionary because they think that the life of a missionary is full of adventure. In addition, ideas like the prospect of living abroad, getting engaged with a different culture etc make them even more enthusiastic.

However, in reality, the life of missionaries may not be that glamorous, especially for those who go to countries that are going through unimaginable sufferings. For example, Haiti, which was struck by a massive earthquake in 2010, was in severe need of help in terms of every aspect to be able to recover. Missionaries from across the globe visited the country to help the affected people in different ways like building homes, providing sanitation and clean water, taking care of the sick, and more. When it comes to adjusting to life in Haiti, sometimes missionaries faced difficult living conditions like having electricity only for a couple of hours each day, having to purify the water to drink or bathing a baby etc.

However, they kept faith in God and knew that it was His will that they should step forward to help their Haitian brothers and sister who were going through extreme misery. As a result, for everyone, who came forward, life as a missionary in Haiti changed dramatically. Some of them became so much attached with life as a missionary in Haiti that they returned there several times.

According to them, the life of a missionary in Haiti is all about living beyond the person’s culture, his/her borders, and his/her life so that life of the Haitian people can be free of hunger, poverty, disease, and despair.


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