How to be cool grandparents to Millennials?

Austine Smith July 4, 2019

Reviewing Grandparents Guide to Understanding Their Millennial Grandkids

How to be cool grandparents to Millennials

Like all generations before them, the Millennials too have been shaped by global events. While Baby Boomers had the Vietnam War and the Cold War, the Millennials had 9/11 and war in Afghanistan, the latter being the longest war in American history. But more than these world events, rapid technological advancements have influenced the Millennials and changed their equations with their grandparents significantly. Here’s a Grandparents guide to understanding their Millennial grandkids, which would help them become awesome in their eyes.

Becoming adept with modern technology

Be it ordering gifts online for their grandkids, staying in touch with them via Skype call, or video calls, or using a smartphone to book a cab and take them on a picnic, cool grandparents to Millennial grandkids have to do it all. Those who aren’t yet adept in using modern technology need to catch up fast and the best solution is to ask their own grandkids teach them the way. After all, the Millennials grew up with the internet and mobile phones, which have become almost second nature to them.

Becoming more liberal

Be it their social or political views, the Millennials are more liberal than their grandparents. For example, though a majority of baby boomers strongly oppose issues like gay marriage, most Millennials extend their support to gay marriage. A significant proportion of this younger generation even supports the legalization of marijuana. Most guides for the Millennial grandparent say that to become cool grandparents, the elderly need to break free of their conservative outlook and match up to the liberal point of view of their grandkids.



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