Inspirational stories grandparents tell

Austine Smith July 18, 2019

Reviewing the top activities to do with grandparents

Inspirational stories grandparents tell

Kids love to listen to stories about how their grandparents or the grandparents of their parents used to live. The stories become especially interesting if they involve an adventure or have an inherent sense of thrill and mystique. When their grandparents tell these stories themselves, the little ones love it all the more because they not only get to spend some quality time with their grandfathers or grandmothers but even a glimpse of how their life was. This, in turn, can teach them several things and even inspire them to some extent. No wonder why storytelling sessions make up a majority of childhood memories with grandparents. Here’s a look at some inspirational stories grandparents tell.


Family stories

All families boast of a unique history made up of a diverse set of characters and milestone events. This family history is passed on through the telling of its stories by grandparents, who act as a living bridge between a family’s past and the future. Thanks to their intimate connection with the two preceding generations and the two that follows them, grandparents can impart a remarkable knowledge and view of five generations.


Adventure stories

Be it the stories of their childhood, their jobs, or their personal lives (say, how grandpa and grandma met and fell in love), kids are all ears for short stories on grandparents. And when these stories are narrated by the people who have experienced it all first-hand, the excitement level surely climbs a few notches higher for the little ones.

No wonder why storytelling sits among the top activities to do with grandparents, especially when the sessions are about some inspirational stories grandparents tell.


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What do you think is the biggest attraction factor for kids when their grandparents tell them stories? Let me know in the comments section below. You can also connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads to keep the conversation going. Make sure to check out my books to have some interesting reads.




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