Key adverse effects of poor posture

Austine Smith August 8, 2019

Top negative effects of bad posture

poor posture

Posture plays a crucial role in preventing a diverse range of medical hazards. Unfortunately, almost everyone knows that poor posture is detrimental for health yet still practices it, especially when hunching over the computer or just by not standing up or sitting straight. Health conscious people often ask others to sit up straight and there’re reasons behind it. Here’re the key negative effects of bad posture.


Spinal curvature

One of the biggest detrimental effects of poor posture is the development of a spinal curvature. When improper posture is practiced, pressure is experienced by the spine that slowly influences the spine curves to alter their positions. The spine greatly helps in absorbing shock and in keeping one balanced, but with the changed spinal position, this ability compromises gradually.


Increased stress

It’s a fact that those who practice yoga regularly seem to have more positivity and better moods. This is mainly because good posture promotes positivity and improves overall wellbeing. Conversely, poor posture usually leads to negative moods together with stressed muscles.


Back pain

Another major effect of bad posture is the development of chronic back pain. This mainly happens because the spine has to suffer from excess pressure resulting out of an improper posture.


Poor digestion

This is one of the negative effects of improper posture that usually go unnoticed. When one slouches, his or her organs bunch up together, making it difficult for the body to digest food which may lead to digestive issues. It can also impact metabolism and may damage the process of consuming and processing food.



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