Kids wearing plastic bottle slippers – the true face of poverty

Austine Smith August 22, 2019

Water bottles as slippers – Reviewing the harsh reality of extreme poverty

Kids wearing plastic bottle slippers – the true face of poverty

Things like children wearing plastic bottle slippers may sound absurd in advanced countries but it’s the harsh reality in some poor and/or devastated countries. There the extremely poor live on the sidelines without support, watching prosperity and economic growth pass them by. They’re shunned by the world economy and their lives are abundant in scarcity. Unfortunately, it’s the children who suffer the most because of poverty and are forced to do unimaginable things like using water bottles as slippers.

In many rural areas of the poor countries, only a minimum percentage of the population can access proper sanitation facilities. This is a major partial reason behind the high rate of several infectious diseases like typhoid fever, hepatitis A, and bacterial diarrhea. HIV is also an alarming public health concern. Though the problem has been included in the poverty reduction strategy and general development plan by the government in many of these countries, a significant number of people affected by it don’t get access to anti-retroviral therapy.

When it comes to children, apart from having to live life through situations like wearing plastic bottle slippers, many of them don’t have parental care. Many are orphaned by AIDS while many others have been abandoned by their parents because of their poor economic situation.

When it comes to putting an end to things like kids using plastic bottles as slippers, people from rich countries probably don’t know as much they should know. Those, who are genuinely interested to help them improve, should focus on having direct experiences in local circumstances to understand the sufferings of the destitute people truly.



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