Knowing God’s will

Austine Smith September 27, 2019

Reviewing why following God's will is important

Knowing God’s will

Just as a train needs to run on its designated track to reach the destination, an individual needs to follow God's will to reach where s/he is destined to. Not following God's will and trying to steer one’s life based on one’s own knowledge instead may bring mayhem and severe hardships. Since God has created all things in the past, present, and even those that yet to come, He knows what’s best for a person and is capable of planning the right way to help each individual realize his/her true potential and meet life’s purpose.

What religious scriptures say

According to Plasm 119:68, God is good. All the things He does (including his plans for humans) are rooted in this goodness. Those who’re skeptical of following God's plan should know that He means no harm. At times, His path may seem difficult but eventually, it’s sure to lead one to his/her destination and thus, help him/her fulfill his/her purpose in life.

How to know and follow His plans

Complete surrender to Him and seeking his divine guidance during prayer is the way to know what God's will is. Reading and comprehending religious scriptures too can help one in understanding God's will. To know what He has planned for an individual in life, it’s important for that person to learn to walk with Him. It’s only by developing an intimate relationship with God through complete devotion and trust that one can start seeing what God reveals to him/her as His plan for that person’s life.


Call to action:

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