Lessons within the book of Ruth in the Old Testament

Austine Smith September 12, 2019

Reviewing lessons from the Book of Ruth

Lessons within the book of Ruth in the Old Testament


The Book of Ruth that traces particular events in the life of a Hebrew family teaches many important lessons that are relevant in today’s life. This book, which is a short read, is one of only two Bible books that have been named after women (the other one being Esther). Given below are some lessons from the Book of Ruth.

God loves all

God loves all humans without any discrimination. Though Naomi’s daughter-in-law Ruth wasn’t a Jew (she was a Moabite), God loved her just as He does others. Thus, putting complete trust in God and believing He loves all is one of the important lessons from the life of Ruth.

God provides for all

Men and women are all the same in His eyes and he cares for them equally. Though Ruth was a poor Moab widow living in a foreign land, He had a plan for her life. It was this plan that brought Boaz into Ruth’s life, who went on to marry her. He fathered a son named Obed, who later fathered Jesse. Jesse became the father of David, who is in the direct family line of Jesus. Thus, God’s plan for Ruth as told in the Book of Ruth not only provided her with a safe and happy family life but also made her become a part of Jesus’s lineage.

God is ready to redeem humans

God is ready to rescue humans from their own sins just as he did with Naomi and Ruth by bringing Boaz into their lives, who was a kinsman-redeemer. All one needs to do to be rescued is to call on Him in faith and ask Him to save him/her (Romans 10:13).

Those looking for the Book of Ruth explained can surely remember the lessons above to forge a close connection with God and believe in his plans for their lives.


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