Poor countries ambulance will shock you

Austine Smith October 10, 2019

Reviewing why ambulances in poor countries aren’t fit to meet medical emergencies


Poor countries ambulance will shock you

The healthcare system in poor countries has a long way to go before it catches up with those of the developed or even the developing nations. A quick glance at poor countries ambulances lays bare the facts for everyone to see. Often, these ambulances have nothing more than a mere first-aid box, which is far from being adequate in treating patients facing medical emergencies. Be it treating patients suffering from life-threatening conditions or victims of road accidents, ambulances in poor countries don’t have the necessary facilities in place to do justice to the role they have been allotted. Even transporting pregnant women or the elderly or patients with serious medical conditions is a tough task with poor roads and inadequate equipment. One will even notice the lack of trained professionals in poor countries ambulances in most cases who should have accompanied the patients otherwise to check on them and administer medicines, if needed, while they get transported to the nearby hospitals.

Key problem areas

The problems behind ambulances in poor countries are many. But the key ones are just a few. Apart from weak infrastructure and fund crunch, a lack of initiative is observed on part of the private companies in serving people belonging to the lower income groups. Thus, even when there are a handful of ambulances equipped to handle medical emergencies, a majority of the population belonging to the lower rungs never get to benefit from them. Unless the government comes forward to address the problems and encourage private companies and wealthy individuals to bring a radical change in the state of healthcare, patients in poor countries may be forced to risk their lives riding ambulances that fail to serve them in their hour of need.


Call to action:

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