Problems and blessing together create what we call life

Austine Smith October 4, 2019

Reviewing the importance of God's blessing

Problems and blessing together create what we call life

These days, the term “blessed” is often used at the drop of a hat. This flippant use has made its true meaning get lost somewhere. No wonder why people often associate the word with good health, comfort and enjoyment, and minimal problems. However, God's blessing isn’t just about these aspects that people often relate it to. Rather, life blessings mean being sanctified for holiness. Thus, such blessings don’t necessarily bring an abundance of physical comfort into one’s life. In fact, God may often make His believers encounter difficulties and challenges, only to emerge as fortified and washed in His glory. He makes people see how problems and blessing are an integral part of life and should be dealt with accordingly.

God tells one to act to tide over problems by relying on faith. He also asks people to believe in Him truly and completely because it’s the human nature of not putting complete trust in Him and surrendering to His will that stops the blessing He has spoken from passing over into their lives.

It’s the lack of faith in His blessing that makes one face crisis or disasters in life. Those who hold onto their faith in Him often receive his blessing, which is enough to help them tide over the crests in life. So, instead of being stubborn, not trusting His will, and not following His plans, one should surrender to Him. Apart from accepting problems and blessing as part of life, one should let Him guide his/her steps to help him/her reach where he/she is destined to, in order to fulfill the purpose of his/her life.


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