The importance of understanding the elderly

Austine Smith October 31, 2019

Reviewing why you should provide care for elderly

The importance of understanding the elderly

Caring for elderly parents is often an uphill task for their children, especially when they live in faraway lands or are busy handling their own personal and professional lives. Yet, these shouldn’t be used as excuses in evading one’s responsibility toward his/her parents. However, to provide care for elderly, it becomes important to understand them and their problems, needs, desires, etc at first.

An important aspect of understanding the elderly is knowing the common issues these people face. Loneliness, isolation, and boredom often top the list though one may also find an elderly in need of care resisting it due to a number of reasons. These include the loss of a spouse, mental loss, physical loss, or the loss of independence due to mobility issues. For an elderly facing any of these situations, accepting help might mean giving up on his/her privacy and getting adjusted to a completely new set of routines. This may make the person feel vulnerable and frightened, or irritated because he/she needs help, or guilty thinking he/she may soon become a burden to the loved ones.

To provide elderly care, understanding the elderly is important to know and address the issues that trouble them and even take their likes and preferences into account while planning the type and level of care their condition needs. In addition, they should be encouraged to visit community social gatherings, taken out (on a shopping spree or dinner date with family), encouraged to take up volunteer work or get involved in some charity events, etc., all of which will make them feel their life is still worthy of living. It’s the responsibility of the children to maintain frequent contact with their patents and visit them more often because it’s in their old age when they need the company and quality time of their loved ones the most.


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