The reasons behind grandparents treating grandchildren differently

Austine Smith June 27, 2019

Reviewing why grandmas act differently with their grandkids

The reasons behind grandparents treating grandchildren differently

Grandparents could be notorious for spoiling their grandkids but they usually have a much easier time showering love on their grandchildren than they ever did to their own children. Many may wonder about the reasons at play behind grandparents treating grandchildren differently. There are many, some of which are reviewed below.

Chance of a do-over

Grandpas and grandmas act differently with their grandkids because this is an opportunity for them to do things over again and deal with any guilt they might have had in trying to raise their own children when they were young, had limited finances, or other restrictions. With a lot of free time on their hands and well-settled finances, grandparents often find it easier to do things for their grandchildren that they couldn’t when their own kids were growing up.

Double the love

First-time parenting often seems like drudgery and an extremely stressful job. But as grandparents, there’s no stress. This enables the grandparents to sit back, relax and enjoy the things their grandkids do or say. Additionally, the love toward their grandkids is like a combination of that first wave of parental love plus the new love for the creative playfulness and refreshing innocence of the little ones. Thus, this love feels even stronger than the love toward their own children.

Age mellows them

Age plays a crucial role in grandparents treating grandchildren differently. Age and life experience mellow people, making them more accepting, lenient, and forgiving. Thus, the acts or words of their own kids that might have invited a stern punishment or immediate correction get dismissed as age-appropriate behaviors in case of their grandchildren. Perhaps this explains why grandparents treat their own daughter/son differently from their grandkids.



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