What having a fulfilling life means

Austine Smith October 24, 2019

Reviewing how helping others is the secret to having a happy life

What having a fulfilling life means

According to a Chinese saying, a nap can make a person happy for an hour, going fishing for a day, inheriting a fortune for a year but helping others can bring him/her a lifetime of happiness. The others one decides or chooses to help could be anyone – his/her parents, friends, neighbors, colleagues or complete strangers or destitute.

Secret to a fulfilling life

Feeling happy for others and offering them a helping hand boosts the person’s mood and makes him/her feel optimistic and empowered. Studies have also found that in people who donate to charity (and thus help others), the brain’s mesolimbic pathway (which is responsible for feelings of reward) gets triggered. Additionally, feel-good chemicals are released by the brain, which in turn encourage the person to perform more similar acts. Psychologists call this the “helper's high.”

What does science say?

Scientific research has brought forward compelling data to back the anecdotal evidence that says doing charity and helping others is a powerful route to personal growth and long-lasting happiness. Thanks to fMRI technology, it’s now known that giving turns on the same parts of the brain that are activated by food and sex.

Some experiments too show evidence of altruism being hardwired into the human brain. They suggest helping others may be the secret to living a fulfilling life – one that’s not just happier but also more meaningful and productive, wealthier, and healthier. So, those having their eyes set on feeling fulfilled should practice the art of giving selflessly because such acts of generosity lie at the core of leading a happy and fulfilling life.


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