Why grandparents want grandchildren to visit them often?

Austine Smith June 13, 2019

Reviewing the relationship between grandparents and grandchildren

Why grandparents want grandchildren to visit them often

In today’s fast-paced lives, grandparents and grandchildren often live far away from each other, which make it a tough task for the elderly to see the little ones as often as they might have liked to. Though many parents try to visit the extended family on weekends or during long holidays to give the grandkids a chance to spend quality time with their grandparents, it isn’t always a smooth sailing.

Grandparents want grandchildren to visit them often because they simply love spending time with the little ones. From acting as their playmates and teaching them values and other interesting things to taking them out to watch a game or movie, passing on family traditions, etc., the elderly ones often play an important role in the kids’ lives.

Playing the role of surrogate parents

A growing number of grandparents today either care for their grandchildren during the day or have their legal full custody, which make them the little ones’ surrogate parents. These older people are found to have an especially strong influence on the children.

Why children love their grandparents

Just as grandparents want grandchildren, the latter too love spending time with the former. Apart from learning a lot from their grandfathers and grandmothers as well as enjoying play sessions with them, the children also find refuge and comfort in them. No wonder why the younger generations often look up to their grandparents as “supporters,” “arbitrators,” “stress buffers,” “roots,” etc.

Even when some parents find it difficult to reconcile with the outdated parenting styles of the elderly or blend varying family dynamics together, it surely pays to work hard and help the grandkids and their grandparents spend as much time as they can in the company of each other.



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